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Since 1999, Mr Sprinkler Repair has gained the reputation for being the Dallas sprinkler repair experts. Why? That is what we do, sprinkler repairs. We have extensive industry knowledge and Dallas sprinkler repairknow how to make sure your project or service will be done right every time. The problem with most of the irrigation companies is they are in business to install sprinkler systems. So they are not really set-up to repair systems, it becomes a nusiance to them. But us on the other hand. We only do sprinkler repair. Our company is totally built on repairing sprinkler systems. Our company does about 10,000 repairs a year. We train our technicians for repairs. We are aware of watering issues with the water conservation being implemented in cities.


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Join a team of Irrigators who are proud to work for a company that has been locally owned and operated since 1999 and has a heritage of stability, reliability and performance.

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